Thursday, June 23, 2011

Herman Cain Doesn't Know What Racism Is

Hermain Cain: Jon Stewart Attacked Me "Because I'm Black"

First off the bat, no, he didn't.  Stewart attacked Cain because Cain said that he wasn't going to read a bill more than three pages.  Let's remember Obama's the first president since Clinton to actually show some intellectual curiosity and a respect that issues have nuances, like health care reform and wars and whatnot. While he did come back and say that he was exaggerating, he didn't really fucking seem like it at the time.

Conservatives often get pegged as being a pack of racists and I think that some liberals throw the term too loosely around.  For everyone's edification, this is the definition of racism.

Talking in a voice doesn't do that.  There's a fine line, sure.  If Stewart had said "Mammy done tol' me to never do no readin' or nuttin!", that would have been racist because it perpetuates stereotypes and in the context of Cain, it would have been clear that the slight would have been against blacks.  However, speaking with a little scratchiness in the voice doesn't mean that you're trying to invoke imagery of blacks.

Now, the previous point is moot.  On Stewart's appearance on Fox News, he doesn't address this issue.  He cites the fact that he's an equal opportunity offender and leaves it at that.

But if Herman Cain thinks that this is racist, he's got a lot waiting for him.  Remember that the Republican Party in Southern California sent around an email in 2008 saying that if Barack Obama was elected, the White House would look like this:

Now, this is racist.


One last thing:  I find it incredulous that Herman Cain only heard about it when he was talking to Sean Hannity.  He said he was campaigning, but c'mon.  Really?  You were too busy to know that Stewart made a joke about you?  Hell, man, you're not running for president if the Daily Show hasn't made a joke about you?

I used to listen to Cain's talk radio program.  I've heard him give speeches and I've heard him talking to others.  The man is vain, arrogant and is in so much love with himself, he cuddles with himself after he jerks off.  The only reason why he's responded to Stewart/Daily Show is because it's free air time to him.  Granted, I'm doing him a favor by talking about him on this blog, but that's going to end now.

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