Friday, June 17, 2011

The Single Issue Voter and the Thrill Is Gone

I'm pretty liberal.  At least, that's what I consider myself to be and have considered myself to be that way for a while.  But, more so, I consider myself practical.  That's why when I started reading this article: Progressives Break Up With Obama, I was pretty frustrated.

Reason being is this:  the problem that many have with conservatives and the GOP is that they are narrow-minded or corridor thinkers.  They focus on one thing and they run with that.  I'm not talking about something general, like the economy or any of the wars that we are engaged in at present but, bar none, the most important thing that we get done is marriage equality!  And immigration reform!  But NOOOOOOOOO, he hasn't paid MEEEEE enough attention, so I'm going to create a fissure in the party and the movement until I GET WHAT I WANT and I don't care if a Rep gets elected in the process.

To these "progressives", I refer to the following website:

In there, you will find that the prez has done quite a bit and a lot of his political capital was spent on health care reform, which goes to help ALL groups and minorities in the country, not just legislation to focus on specific groups of people.

I remember in 2008 (a lifetime ago) when there was talk about why people were supporting the Obama campaign.  And I remember reading a round-table discussion wherein several people were talking about why they were there.  And a young, single mother was talking about how tough things had been for her as late.  And then it got over to an older guy who was asked why he was there and he thought for a moment and responded:  I'm here to help people like the mother over there.

Don't get me wrong.  While I support Obama and I hope that he gets re-elected, I'm not in the disillusioned world that everything is perfectly fine, that he's not without flaws.  But at the same time, I think that he's a stronger candidate than the GOP has to offer at present.  And please not, its that I think he's a strong choice, not because I think he's the lesser of two evils or something like that.  A vote for Obama shouldn't be a vote against the GOP, it should be an affirmation for the Obama.

So, when people come out and they say that they begrudgingly support Obama but he hasn't done everything that every liberal/progressive wants him to do.

Sorry, guys, I guess we'll have to wait until next term to get our gay caliphate up and running...

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