Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Shrinks to Nothing: the Political Obituary of a Horny Democrat

Weiner Gone but Boehner Remains?

This sort of thing happens to the best of them.

I think that the first thing to point out would be that the sex scandals are by no means a strictly Dem problem.  The last several have included the GOP (John Ensign, Mark Sanford and Mark Foley... I hate thinking about that last one...) but it seems like a stigma that is on the Donkey Party.

While there is a feeling that this one is different, mostly because there was never any real physical contact, it doesn't FEEL as much like cheating as crossing the line of touching.  But emotionally and spiritually it IS cheating.  That's something that Clinton never cleared up properly.  You have to remember, kids, in the 90's, we didn't talk about Oral Sex that much and there was, if only for a brief moment, a conversation as to whether or not BJs counted.  Then, we lost our minds as to the fact that we actually asked that question.

Now, Weiner is resigning and there's one thing that should be made abundantly clear.  This isn't a move from the constituents of Weiner's own district in NY.  This is a plain and simple move from the Dem Leadership.

On the one hand, I feel bad because Weiner, in all honesty, was good for business.  He was a firebrand, unashamed, unabashed liberal and he was fun to watch.  And he stood up to dicks on Fox News and in the halls of Congress.  At the very least, he was funny and most of the time, he was passionate.  Which is rare on both sides.

Then he had to take pictures of his cock and send them to people online (first mistake).  Then he got caught (second mistake).  And then, he lied about it (third and biggest mistake).  Reason why the last one is the biggest is because for the few weeks that have followed the scandal, everyone said the same thing for criticism:  if he's going to lie about this, what else would he be willing to lie about?  And THAT was the moment Weiner lost everything.

But, again, his decision to step down from the seat is strictly because of pressure within the party, notably from Pelosi from the beginning and now, in the last few days, Obama, who sent a quiet "Fuck you" through the media by saying that if he were in the same position, he would have resigned.

As much of a fan of Weiner (hehehehe) as I am, I also have to give it to the Dem leadership.  They're not taking any chances and their cutting a guy out from a district that more than likely is going to be safe the next time around.  Sure, it has a history of going between the two parties, but I think that with the current Dem fervor going through NY, it's going to be safe.

I suppose if the Congressman was in any higher position or if the district he represented wasn't a swing one, the Dems would have fought harder for him.  But, in my opinion, everything turned out the way that it should have in any case.  You fucked up.  You got to go.

In a related note, since we lost Weiner, can we go back and pronounce Boehner as Boner?

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