Monday, June 20, 2011

Jon Stewart Pisses on the Rug in Fox's House and Doesn't Blink

I don't genuinely believe that Chris Wallace is a bad person.  Nor do I believe that Chris Wallace is a blind fool. But it seemed like Wallace was more than willing to do the same old tactics when it came to trying to wrangle Stewart into the little logical fallacies that are presented as true arguments.

"Well, Diana Sawyer said one time that the cops would be able to arrest you in Arizona just because you look Mexican and THAT'S NOT TRUE!"

"Well, you're right, that's not true."

"Well, then the mainstream media has an intense liberal bias and we're looking to balance that out."

I've never liked the phrase "mainstream media", even when I watched Fox News on a regular basis, even when I was voting Republican.  Fox News consistently ranks first in the ratings and yet calls CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC and they brag, brag, brag about it.

But Stewart is in rare form in the video.  He's at once gracious AND he's sharp, biting and unforgiving.  He's a man of principles, probably because he takes criticisms of himself more seriously than most in the media do.

One last thing that I'll make mention of:  Wallace says "Let's talk about your network".  Then, he plays a clip from the Roast of Pamela Anderson and then has this "AH HA!" look on his face, like he just won the argument.  The point that no other network seems to get is that The Daily Show is a show that is comedy first and commentary second.  Also, if you're going to run a news network, get criticized by The Daily Show and then go "Well, your network tells dick and fart jokes!", you have automatically lost the argument.  The fact of the matter is that The Daily Show isn't news, it's satire, and if you're too blind or dumb to see the difference, you're in bigger trouble than Stewart making a joke about you.

Kudos to Stewart and as long as Jon and the Daily Show don't take themselves that seriously, we just might be alright

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