Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who's Next?

This morning it was reported that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) is not going to run for President this year.  He's a favorite in the GOP, especially in the House, for heading up the so-called Ryan Proposal, a budget that the Republicans backed earlier this year that would have destroyed Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security while leaving unnecessary Defense spending totally unharmed.

This announcement came as a result of the last few weeks of media speculation as to who was next to enter the race.  After all, about ten candidates vying for national attention and big bucks from donors is completely and totally unsatisfactory for campaign coverage, with still more than a year before election day in 2012.

I'm not saying he hates the poor and the elderly, but maybe he just really loves guns.

The other name that's floated for a possible run is Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  Christie got in the governor's mansion in 2009 and has also been a favorite of his party.  I'm not entirely sure why.  Things haven't gone better for the state since he took office over a year ago.  He had to declare a state of "fiscal emergency" and NJ lost out on a grant from the federal government to the tune of $400 million.  Christie, being the calm and reasonable man that he is, immediately blamed President Obama for bureaucracy that had gone out of control.  He did this, until it was discovered that it was actually his education commissioner that was ultimately responsible.  To his credit, Christie did turn around and focus the attention on the commissioner, but I guess the GOP likes him because he blamed Obama before doing anything else, like trying to find out what happened.

He doesn't love doughnuts as much as the doughnuts love him.

Former Gov. Sarah Palin is frequently touted as well and its possible that she'll make an announcement later on this week.  Her Super PAC, however, said that any speculation on the matter was "wrong and misleading".  It's interesting because Karl Rove, a master of GOP campaigns, is the loudest voice in the last few days to say that she is going to run.  This may show a riff or miscommunication within the GOP.  I don't agree with Karl Rove (politically and tactically) but I have to acknowledge that he knows what he's talking about.  I think that she and her PAC are disowning the knowledge in an attempt to draw attention to her as an entity and to show, if and when she does announce, that they are in control of their own campaign (by showing that they are capable of stomping out rumors and unsourced information) and are capable of manipulating the media.

I, for one, think that the current field of candidates is about what the GOP can expect to going forward.  The only serious consideration would be Sarah Palin; beyond that, there's not going to be a person that is going to enter the race that's going to become a game-changer.

Kissing goodbye reality... it's a shame, they never knew each other.

One last word on Sarah Palin:  in the interview with Lou Dobbs that I linked over, she said that it was about time that the government backed off and let the private sector create jobs.  

I wonder if she's talking about the same private sector of the financial market that nearly destroyed the economy for complete lack of regulation (or as conservatives call it "self-regulation").  I also wonder if she's thinking about the Bush Tax Cuts that have contributed more to the deficit over a period of time than any stimulus package that Obama signed off on.

If the Bush Tax Cuts were supposed to spur on the economy, then why haven't they done so in the last seven years?  Why has everything come to a halt?  In spite of it?  Or because of it?

Hopefully, she'll get the nerve to answer questions like these on a campaign trail so that the American People  can see what a phony she actually is.  However, this blogger doesn't believe that there is a journalist out there with the nerve to hold her to task.  Lou Dobbs isn't.

Are ya, tubby?


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