Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday's On the Phone to Monday: August 20th and 21st

I read the news over the weekend so you don't have to!

Huntsman Starts Yelling So People Notice Him

As this blog has noted on several occasions, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman would be an ideal GOP candidate but he wouldn't have the chance to pierce through the media attention that is surrounding Romney, Bachmann, Perry or the made up campaigns of Palin and Giuliani.

So on ABC's This Week, he said that his GOP rivals were too far to the right and didn't have a chance of going up against President Barack Obama and winning.  He went on to say that he's going to play up his campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina and then "Bring it home in Florida"

As I've stated elsewhere, the chances of Huntsman getting the name out involves getting the attention of the media.  Those who know him, like him but he's too much of a moderate to win the nomination.  That having been said, he's throwing some mud now to try and get the aforementioned attention.  Mud is a good way of doing it, but he's also playing up the positives of the campaign and by saying that he's a "center-right candidate for a center-right country" is getting closer to a good catchphrase.  However, it's a little too intellectual for a rallying phrase.  Maybe if the campaign survives long enough, he'll be able to come up with something.

Karl Rove Believes Sarah Palin is Going To Announce This Week Whether or Not She'll Run

I guess Karl Rove has nothing better to do than to look at pretty women and know when and where they will be at all times.  He said that he's looked at the schedule behind the Palin SuperPAC and believes that Sarah Palin will make the announcement sometime this coming week whether or not she will run for president.

Given the current field of candidates, it might be easy to make a lot of headway.  However, to enter now, she'll have to play catch up in some places, more so than the others.  Her entrance would mean that those like Herman Cain and Thad McCotter would have to exit the race, knowing that they would never get the full media attention that they would have gotten otherwise.

Whether Palin should run is something else entirely.  In my opinion, this could go either way.  Reason being is that, while she is a very shrewd politician, it doesn't make a lot of sense to build all this suspense and then not capitalize on it  by declining the chance to run.  However, the last few months could have been a greater experiment as to see how things would go in a 2016 scenario.  So, like the rest of the country, we'll have to wait and see.

Ron Paul Wins the New Hampshire Straw Poll...  There's a New Hampshire Straw Poll?!

Turns out, there is.  Technically, it's the Young Republican Straw Poll, which has as much weight to it as the Ames Straw Poll.  Ron Paul took the poll, beating out candidates like Romney, Perry and Bachmann.  Ron Paul wasn't there, but did have a representative say a few words in Paul's stead.

What does this mean for Ron Paul?  Well, the event does cite a few things:  first, he did win a straw poll and this wasn't covered or played up nearly as much as Ames was.  The fact that it wasn't plays into the narrative that Ron Paul is supposed to be a fringe candidate and not the mainstream candidate that he should be.  Again, I don't agree with Ron Paul, but let's get serious about what he can bring to the GOP table.

Also, the fact that he appeals to young voters in NH is going to be a strength later on.  If my generation or younger is more drawn to a 75 year old Texan, that's going to have play all over the country, instead of just one place like NH.

Here's hoping that Ron Paul gets the attention that he deserves.  One day, but not today.

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